• Ashley Nicole

The Imbalanced Balancing Act

Tired AF. That is me 90% of the time. Sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, sometimes emotionally. A lot of the times, all three.

Miss Ari Jade is less than a couple months away from turning 4 and I am still trying to find balance in my life. She’s my everything and I am her everything (at least right now). Motherhood is beautiful, but hard. As a single mom, there is not anther parent in her life to also be her “everything”. No riding the bench for me. No timeouts. It’s go-time, all the time.

How do I maintain my sanity?

I’ve learned that a big part of feeling good is physical. For me, eating healthy and devoting time to the gym at least five times a week is very important. After setting those priorities, I’ve adjusted my schedule at work and now I use my lunch to hit the gym and I take walks outside as well to help clear my mind. Structure during the week has been necessary for me to be successful so for the most part I intentionally keep Monday through Friday as routine as possible. As a mom, you create routine for your child already but I wasn’t factoring myself and what I need into our routine.

Our weekends tend to be way more flexible. Lately, it’s been a lot of birthday parties….my child stays booked and busy! Some of our standing appointments are gymnastics on Saturday morning and the gym right after (shout out to Fitness Connection with the Kids Club).

Life as a single mom is like never-ending strength training and every day you realize you’re stronger than you thought. It’s full of many ups and downs, lots of wins, some losses, and most of all, it has brought me a confidence from within. A confidence that engulfs me and I feel like my prioritization skills get sharper and sharper daily. Every time I see Ari laugh, smile, learn something new, and honestly, just being her….it increases my confidence knowing I made and am cultivating this happy and dynamic little human! It is a reminder that our ups outweigh all our downs.

So, I have a WIN when it comes cultivating time out dedicated to my health, but I am still working on carving out more me-time, friend-time, and time to date! All of that is almost non-existent right now, but I am getting better.

With all of that said, I am aiming to be more intentional in all areas of my life. Intentional with creating my own space as a confident and strong woman, while still being the best mom to Ari.

Being intentional is the first step to creating balance


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