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Dating Older or Dating a Predator?

Like everyone else, I’ve been seeing all the photos of Diddy and Lori Harvey all over Instagram! It disturbs me. I was hoping this was a business relationship......please tell me she wants to be a singer, the new lady of Sean John, Ciroc brand ambassador.....SOMETHING!!! Just not a romantic relationship.

Then I saw these. Thanks Shaderoom!

It just doesn’t sit right with me. Does it affect my daily routine? No. Is it on my mind non-stop? No. I blame #theshaderoom for allowing my eyes to see this! Everything about it gives me "old man predator vibes". He is a WHOPPING 28 years older than her!!! Chile....She is younger than his two oldest and only a year older than his carbon copy, Christian Combs. Ew. His kids have got to feel a certain way....whether they say it aloud or not. When I see Diddy with Lori Harvey, I can't help but think, "Would he be okay with his little girls dating someone as old as him when they are 22?".

I'm all for dating older....personally, I feel like it's the way to go. (SN: God is the designer of my life and love, so if I end up with a youngin'...so be it. However, I can still pray for a chocolate man that's not quite yet a grandpa.) Back to my opinions...with that being said, I still feel like people should have some kind of cutoff or restriction (besides the legal ones) for the age of the person they're dating and having sex with. People go through different experiences during certain times of their life and grow at different rates, so yes someone at 22 could be more mature than the average 22 year-old in this country. However, 22 is still 22 and should feel like your child if you are damn near 50 years old. My wants and needs have drastically changed from my 20s to 30s. How can a relationship work when one is beginning to learn themselves vs someone who is very settled in who they are as a person. I am a firm believer that humans should constantly be growing.....but always forward growth. I don't want to knock real love, but I think it becomes very predator-like when it becomes a pattern of dating really young women. Is it just me or does it seem like in the "celebrity world", age becomes a non-factor? I know this has been going on for years, but it seems like no one really cares.

Just a random vent. I'm out.


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