• Ashley Nicole

Spanking vs. Timeout

The big debate……spanking or timeout?

Soooo...my daughter has been in the terrible 2’s since she was about 10 months old-----no lie!! It has yet to let up and stop! She is an official sour patch kid……. a little sour, a little sweet. However, now at 2, it has gotten worse…. she is extremely strong-willed and super dramatic (truly her momma’s child)! I have definitely given her a pop or two on her leg when she gets out of hand, but honestly, I haven’t done this recently. As a child, my mom whooped me, but not as much as my younger siblings (mainly my brothers). However, for me, timeout is and has been the most effective option when it comes to discipline and showing her there are consequences for “acting a plump fool”.

Now, I do not agree with isolating a child completely or facing a wall or anything like that. I don't think that really serves any purpose. My process is to talk to Ari directly and tell her that that behavior is unacceptable and why. Even though, she is only two, she talks really well and I make sure I always tell her to use her words to express any frustration. Depending on the level of the tantrum, sometimes a talk is all that is needed and at other times, timeout is warranted. After our talk, she goes and sits in timeout for a certain amount of time. Sometimes she still has her little attitude and sometimes she immediately says sorry and starts crying, sometimes for the entire timeout session (DRAMA QUEEN). She tries really hard to get out of timeout by asking me random questions or asking for snacks or milk…..it kills me not to bust out laughing, but I stand firm on timeout because WE WILL NOT BE ON DR. PHIL TEN YEARS FROM NOW!!

My final vote…TALKING & TIMEOUT! It works for us…..what are your thoughts and what works for your little ones?


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