• Ashley Nicole

Dating Sucks!

The dating game has changed and guess what…..I ain’t with it……AT ALL! All these damn apps are so whack (very convenient tho) and from my own personal experience and conversation with friends, it seems like most people (and by people, I mean MEN) use the app for hookups and one-night stands or for that next FWB situation. 😐

Dating seems so much harder than it was back in the day (circa early 2000s to about 2012….don’t get it twisted, I’m still only 32…yes, I said ONLY). Where are all the good quality people? These days it’s like you can only meet a guy on an app and these fools still can’t hold a conversation. People are so dependent on technology and social media platforms as their only form of communication that real conversations do not exist anymore. As a single mom, it is already nerve-racking to re-enter the dating scene because my time is limited and I’m constantly thinking if it’s even worth devoting my time and if I decide that it is, and the vibes are good, they also have to vibe well with my child. This right here is a package deal….and our time is truly valuable, and I want to make sure it is with people that are deserving of it and want it. It takes time getting to know someone and it can be difficult when your time is already limited AF.

It doesn’t help that ninjas like to present their representative which is nothing like who they really are….come on bruh, why you lying and playing games already? It is also tragic when grown people don’t know how to communicate. Is it me? Am I asking for too much?

I will say that there are things I need to work on like, GETTING OUT OF THE DAMN HOUSE! I must admit I rarely go out so maybe that plays a role in my perspective and experience. Are there no sexy black men going to Target on the regular? I’m at Target every damn week…come holla LOL! All BS aside…I plan to do more adult activities and going out in 2018…not necessarily to quench my almost 2-year thirst, but to get back to being Ashley! I’m learning that yes, I am a mom, but I am still a very healthy grown ass woman that needs to do things that make me happy and make me feel good about myself!

Basically, I don’t want to live that SWIPE life! Anyone else sucking at dating right now??

P.S. I was going to share some horrific app dating stories, but I refuse to relive those moments!

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