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As a single mom, getting me time or any kind of adult, grown woman time is soooooo hard!! When you are doing everything yourself, without a partner to lean on and carry some of the weight, life can get extremely stressful and overwhelming and sometimes me time is required just so that you can regroup and keep progressing.

Every blue moon, trusted (lol) family members have watched my little Ari Jade so that I can have some time to just have a drink with a friend, do homework and study, hit the gym, or whatever I need at that time. I am so grateful just to get those little moments to myself and thankful to my family for being there. There is always this one person though that is always on time and ALWAYS there ----- whether it’s words of encouragement, laughs, or just making my life easier in different ways, and that person is my MOMMY.

Last night, she picked up Ari from school, along with my nephew, and told me to enjoy a night off and drink some wine. Whaaattt?!! A night off…..to relax and do nothing! Oh my gosh, that’s huge to me and means everything in the world!! It was perfect because I had already finished school work and any necessary studying for the week so I didn’t have anything to do at all! No dinner to cook, no bathing the little one, no Mickey Mouse and Bubble Guppies….I could watch an adult show! Ya’ll have no clue how geeked I was and still am! LOL! I literally came home, laid on the couch, turned on THE BLACKLIST, and my ass fell right to sleep! I woke up around 5 in the morning today and I felt like I slept forever. I had not realized how tired I truly was…I needed to get that deep sleep…it was sooo good! The only thing I was mad about is that I didn’t have me a drank before I went to bed….I really wanted to fix myself a margarita before bed, but my body and mind had other plans!

Anyway, I say all this to say this…it really does take a village and THANK GOD FOR MOMS. ❤

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