• Ashley Nicole

GOD is my only source.

Religion has never been forced upon me. I did not grow up going to church regularly, but we did attend from time to time. In certain time periods of my childhood, we did go more often but overall, it was not consistent. My family believes in God one hundred percent and my mom and stepdad did teach me the importance of prayer.

Even though having faith and being a believer was not pushed onto me in any kind of way, I have always felt a strong connection with God. My relationship with God has always been the most important relationship to me. I've always been able to talk to Him and He listens. He gives me guidance. God is and has always been the Father that will never let you down and disappoint. So yes, I believe in religion.... I believe in the belief in and the worship of a higher power. That higher power is God.

Throughout my entire life, whether it be happiness, sadness, grief, anger, rage, or confusion, God has given me the strength to pull through, to grow, and to become better. Without God, I don't know where I would be right now or who I would be. My conversations with God are my own personal "woo-sah" moments! He truly is my source for everything. He washes away any doubt and worry I may have.....and my faith in Him will never waver.

In the past, I've been tested as we all have, and I have failed some of those tests. God still loved me and still has blessed me tremendously. It amazes me how loving God is and how full that love is....I am just overwhelmed with gratitude.

God is truly responsible for any and every ray of light in my life! Forever thankful.

P.S. Just something that I needed to get out.

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