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Weekly Fitness Journal: 8/21 - 8/27

Okay guys, last week was hella rough for me. I don't know why, but my energy level was really low. I worked out four days last week and was not able to do anything over the weekend due to my hectic schedule! I don't have any pictures this time, but as I continue to journal, I hope to bring you more photos and videos of my workouts. Sometimes I am in the zone and forget to get some video or photos to go along with my journal. The pictures and video really keep me motivated and give me something to look back at and compare Hopefully my energy level is better this week! As I am writing this, it is not! LOL! Also, working on lowering my carb and sugar intake!


More running/jogging

Clean eating on a consistent basis

Decrease carb/sugar intake

During most of my workouts, I wear a myZone belt to view my heart rate live and to track both my HR and workout using their myZone app. Sometimes I forget to remove it so it will miscalculate my HR and my workout. The myZone belt is meant to be worn only during your workout. I will try not to do this so that you guys can see more information like my HR and calories burned during these workouts. Some challenges I have notices recently with the belt is depending on what sports bra I wear, sometimes it disconnects on and off through the workout and unable to accurately track the entire workout. For right now, I still like using this and find it better than the FitBit ChargeHR previously used to track workouts. As far as last week goes, I only successfully tracked Tuesday and Wednesday with my myZone belt.

8/21 Workout

  • HIIT on Treadmill – 45 second on, 75 second recovery; Total of 10 intervals on and 10 intervals of recovery; Level 7 Incline, 5.0 speed

8/22 Workout

  • 1 hr on Treadmill

  • ​2 min warm up: 0 incline, 2.5 speed

  • 15 min HIIT: -3 incline, 5.0 to 6.0 speed, 1 min on, 1 min recovery, increased speed by .2 each interval

  • 1 min recovery: 2.5 speed, 2.5 incline

  • 15 min fast walk: 0 to 6 incline, 3.5 speed

  • 1 min recovery: 2.5 speed, 2.5 incline

  • 15 min slow walk: 2.0 speed, 10 to 15 incline

  • 1 min recovery: 0.0 incline, 2.5 speed

  • 10 min HIIT: 0.0 incline, 4.8 speed, 1 min on, 1 min recovery

8/23 Workout

Three rounds of the following:

  • Inverted Rows using TRX bands – 20reps

  • Slam Downs with 20lb slam ball – 20reps

  • Double Arm Slam Downs w/ Battle Ropes – 30secs

  • Push-ups using weight bench – 20reps

Finished with 30 minute slow & fast walk – 2.0 to 3.5 speed, incline 5.0 to 15

8/24 Workout

Three rounds of the following (35 seconds on, 20 second recovery):

  • Ball Throws with Squat – 10lb ball

  • Lunges w/ 10lb weights

  • Toe Taps

  • Step Ups

  • Exercise Ball Leg Curls

  • Battle Ropes – double arm slam downs – 1st 10 seconds, then holding squat

Finished with 20 minute walk – 3.5 speed, incline 550-minute walk around neighborhood

If you are wondering about the different colors for the myZone heart rate zones, here is what each color represents:

Red - 90 to 100%; 165 - 183 bpm

Yellow - 80 to 89%; 147 - 164 bpm

Green - 70 to 79%; 129 - 146 bpm

Blue - 60 to 69%; 110 - 128 bpm

Dark Grey - 50 to 59%; 92 - 109 bpm

Light Grey - < 50%; 53 - 91 bpm

New Week, No Excuses.....Let's conquer all our goals this week!

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