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Weekly Fitness Journal: 8/14 - 8/20

Last week's fitness journal is here! I hope my fitness journal posts will motivate you to get up and be active as well! Over the past several months, I have gained quite a bit of muscle and I feel myself becoming stronger and stronger everyday. My goal for the next few months is to incorporate more and more cardio on the days I workout without my trainer, specifically running and jogging. Even though my body has been slowly changing over time, the scale has not moved much and that I think that is due to me doing tons of lifting and not being super consistent with my clean eating.


More running/jogging

Clean eating on a consistent basis

Alright now, check out last week's workout!

8/14/17 Workout

  • Quick HIIT on Elliptical - 1 minute on, 30 second recovery; Total of 4 intervals on and 4 intervals of recovery; Level 20 Incline, Level 15 resistance during the “on” interval

  • Wide Squat Hold with twisting dumbbell row – 20lb dumbbell weights/ 20 reps

  • Sit-ups with 10lb ball throws to the center - 20reps

  • Wide Squat Hold with twisting dumbbell row – 20lb dumbbell weights/ 20 reps

  • One leg pulse squats using TRX bands – 30 seconds each leg

  • Sit-ups with 10lb ball throws to the left and right - 12 reps on each side

  • Step-Ups – 12 reps on each leg

8/16/17 Workout

Each exercise below was done until fatigue so I didn’t keep up with number of reps.

  • Lying Flies – 17.5lb dumbbells

  • Tricep Kickbacks – 20lb dumbbells

  • Reverse Flys – 20lb dumbbells

  • Single Arm Row – 45lb dumbbell (each arm)

  • Hammer Curls – 17.5lb dumbbells

  • Bicep Curls – 17.5lb dumbbells

  • Chest Press – 20lb dumbbells

  • Shoulder press – 20lb dumbbells

Finished workout with 15-minute fast walk, 3.5 speed, incline 10 to 15

Side note: I have no idea what my mouth was doing in that picture! LOL!

8/17 Workout

Performed the following “obstacle course” twice:

  • Double Time High Knees

  • Frog Jump Squats (10 reps – 1st round, 15 reps – 2nd round)

  • Push-ups (10 reps – 1st round, 15 reps – 2nd round)

  • Kettlebell Upright Row (10 reps – 1st round, 15 reps – 2nd round/30lb kettlebell)

  • Bicep Curls w/ resistance bands

Performed the following circuit twice (35 seconds on, 30 second recovery):

  • Lateral Arm Raises – 10lb weights (20lb total)

  • Holding Plank

  • Pulse Squats using TRX bands

  • Holding Squat w/ battle ropes (double arm slam downs for the first 10 seconds)

  • Squats w/ 20 lb kettlebell

Finished the workout with 20-minute walk (3.5 speed, 10-15 incline and last 5 minutes at -3 incline)

8/20 Workout

50-minute walk around neighborhood

I hope these weekly fitness posts will be motivating and inspiring! What are your current fitness goals? What challenges are you having? Even better, share your fitness and health accomplishments! Let's engage and motivate each other! :)

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