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Weekly Fitness Journal: 8/7 - 8/13

What up everybody?! Sooooo when I started this blog, I already knew that I wanted to include my health and fitness journey within the blog, but I wasn't sure how and still not totally sure! I started this journey around mid-December last year, seriously at least. Before then, I worked out when I could and definitely attempted to make better food choices. As a single mom, especially of a toddler, it is really hard to find time to workout! In December, my current employer opened an on-site gym and that is when I no longer had any excuses. I started working out solo and then in March, I started working out 3 days a week with my trainer and in April, I switched to 5 days a week, all the way through June (Shoutout to my trainer, Brittany Smith).

So now, I workout almost everyday on my lunch, some days with a trainer, other days solo . It is very important for me to reach my fitness goals for myself to feel good and to be physically strong and also to show my daughter how important it is to be healthy and fit. Also, I want to be around as long as possible for her. She is my everything!

I feel like journaling my fitness journey will help keep me motivated and hopefully will inspire others to either start their own journey or stay consistent about their current fitness routine.....so here goes my first post! There is no special format I followed....just giving it to you guys straight about what I do every week in the gym.

8/7 Workout – All About Repetition

100 Crunches on exercise ball

50 Pushups on exercise ball

100 Squats – regular squats, jump squats, wide leg squats, and plie squats

50 Burpees

8/9 Workout – Ab Work

Completed 4 rounds of the following:

45 seconds – Ab Bicycles

45 seconds – Leg Raises

45 seconds - Figure 8s

45 seconds – Pulse Ups

45 seconds – Plank Worms

45 seconds – Toe Taps

Finished the workout with 10-minute high incline slow walk – Speed 2.0/ Incline 11 to 15

8/10 Workout – Circuit

Completed 3 rounds of the following: (35 seconds on/20 second recovery)

Lateral Arm Raises/Dumbbell Upright Row - 10lb weights used

Bicep curls w/ resistance bands

Planks w/ alternating leg ups

Tricep pushdowns

Battle Ropes – double arm slam downs

Squat Throw Downs w/ 16lb ball

Finished the workout with 10-minute high incline slow walk – Speed 2.0/Incline 11 to 15 and then, 5-minute leg press & calf extension (95lbs)

8/11 Workout

15-minute HIIT workout on the treadmill

-3.0 inline/1 minute on, 1 minute recovery/ Speed 5.0 to 5.8

Shoulder Press – 15lbs dumbbells/ 3 sets of 12

Dumbbell Side Bends – 35lb dumbbell/15 reps on each side

Dumbbell Sit-Ups – 15lb dumbbell

Lateral Arm Raises/Dumbbell Upright Row - 10lb weights used

10-minute HIIT workout on AMT Elliptical

20 incline/10 to 20 resistance (increased resistance by 2 at each interval)/30 secs on, 1 min recovery

Rowing Weight Machine – 55lbs / 3 sets of 10

I hope these weekly fitness posts will be motivating and inspiring! Also, I would love to hear about your fitness journey, the ups and the downs because it is definitely not a cake walk!

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