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A True Glow Up Requires Self-Reflection

From all the glow up posts on Instagram to Meek and Drake rapping about the “Glow Up”, Glow Up seems to be the new slang to represent some sort of transformation, whether it be gains in the bank account or an upgraded image. I think those two tend to go hand in hand.....like they say, sometimes you not ugly, you just broke!

Glow Up or Nah?

I am completely here for the glow up ---- if it’s a true glow up. If you are wondering what the hell I mean by a true glow up, let me explain. For me, a true glow up means hella growth to becoming an all-around better person, starting from the inside. If that growth comes with extra commas in the bank account and a fly ass wardrobe and upgraded look, well damn, even better. However, if that glow up only comes with money and image, but you haven’t grown as a person, haven’t gained valuable knowledge, you aren't more kind, more giving, more loving…or something that this world and its people can benefit from, then it’s not a glow up in my book.

As human beings, I think it is very important to regularly reflect on your life and inner self. Digging deep into your character, how you move, and finding what exactly motivates you to move helps you in becoming or creating the person you want and need to be to experience growth. This can happen multiple times in life……. you aren’t limited to one glow up!

Over the years and even now, I have done a lot of learning about myself. There are qualities that are just innate within me that will always be something for me to work on and get better at such as my impatience, being super opinionated, being really guarded, and at times, VERY, VERY DRAMATIC. Some of these are harder than others to work on and I firmly believe that sometimes being dramatic is necessary. I have learned that I don’t have to give my opinion all the damn time and let me tell you, this lesson has been a blessing! My lack of patience will always be a work in progress but my daughter has helped tremendously with this……I am sure all parents can relate.

As you go through life and experience different moments, people, and emotions, you start learning and figuring yourself out. Sometimes you think you know yourself 100%, but life brings change and growth and you find out new things about yourself. Your priorities change (maybe multiple times), you figure out the type of person you want to be, whether that comes naturally or needs effort, and you also hopefully eventually figure out your passions. In the past, I’ve always known that I am a hard worker, especially if I am doing something interesting and challenging. I always thought that a 9 to 5 isn’t so bad if it’s challenging and keeps me thinking and growing. I thought I loved structured environments. Let me tell you now, at the age of 32, I do not like structured environments or playing the game of corporate politics. I’ve learned that a big part of me is free-spirited and I like structure in the sense of organization. On the other hand, that free-spirited side of me needs to feed my passions. I feel like that is something I’ve always struggled with---my passions. For the most part, I know the type of person I am and my closest loved ones know who I am at my core. I am loyal, confident, smart, guarded, emotional, opinionated, very sarcastic, strong, loving, weird, and damn funny sometimes. However, I feel like as far as life and what I want to do with mine, I have several “passions”. I love writing poetry (something I haven’t done since my early 20s), I love art, I would love to design handbags, and I love make-up. Everything about makeup. I like trying new make-up products, I love the packaging of make-up products and interested in the entire process of production of a make-up line. Another one of my passions is skincare. Skincare is a priority for me and it why I am a beauty product hoarder. My brother always comes to me if he has any questions about his skin and what products to try. My point in sharing some of my passions with you, is to say this…. I think it is very important to figure out what you love and what your passions are, whether that’s a short list or a long list and to create an outlet to explore them. This blog is my outlet. I firmly believe that part of finding your passion requires self-reflection and that can help lead you to your True Glow-Up.

I want to end saying this….as my daughter grows, I want to always push her to do what she loves no matter what anyone thinks and to explore all of her interests. Being her mother, I want to exhibit those qualities I want to instill in her, take the risks and leaps of faith, invest in myself, and live life with no regrets because those are all the things I will do for her and I want her to do for herself. For her to live fearlessly, I must show her how.

“Watch out for me, I’m bound to glow. You better watch out for me, I’m bound to glow.”

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